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Personal research profile


I am a Palaeolithic archaeologist with a transdisciplinary ambition. My original specialization is stone tool analysis with a focus on the Late Pleistocene record of Eurasia and Western Asia, but I have recently started to develop a new signature approach to human-environment relations in deep prehistory. This research draws on key insights from Human-Animal Studies and is firmly situated within the emerging Environmental Humanities. My objective is to bridge, and ultimately integrate, perspectives form the sciences and the humanities and to foster a more inclusive, reflexive and balanced understanding of early human evolution. A central aspiration is to demonstrate the capacity of Palaeolithic archaeology to inform contemporary techno-ecological quandaries and to offer a deep-historical account of the emergence of the Anthropocene.


Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Archaeology – Transitions – Human-Animal Studies in the Deep Past – Environmental Humanities – Human-Environment Interactions – Multispecies Archaeology – Niche Construction – Path Dependence – Synergy – Anthroecology – Epistemology of Archaeology – Lithic Technology – Evolution of Technology – Materiality – Visual Culture – Alterity