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Organised panels


Hussain, S.T., Soressi, M. (org.), Old Stones, New Eyes? Charting future directions in lithic analysis. XVIIIe UISPP world congress, 4th – 9th June 2018, Paris, France.


Kost, C., Hussain, S.T. (org.), Archaeo-Ornithology: Figurations of Human-Bird Interfaces in Prehistory and Early History. 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), 31th August – 4th November 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Conference presentations/invited talks


Hussain, S.T., What lithic technology (really) wants. An alternative “life-theoretical” perspective on technological evolution in the deep past. XVIIIe UISPP world congress, 4th – 9th June 2018, Paris, France.

Hussain, S.T., Is there a “hidden” agenda of lithic imagery? French and Anglophone ‘styles of visualisation’ in palaeo-archaeology compared. XVIIIe UISPP world congress, 4th – 9th June 2018, Paris, France.

Hussain, S.T., Humans, animals, and caves: tapping into the “more-than-human” context of Palaeolithic visual culture. International Senckenberg-Conference “Images, voices, gestures, lives - What can we learn from Palaeolithic art?“, 30th May – 2nd June 2018, Tübingen, Germany.


Hussain, S.T., Towards a critical history and epistemology of lithic analysis in Old World palaeo-archaeology. Annual presentation day of the GSA, 13th April 2017, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Hussain, S.T., Living among mammoths, owls and cave-lions: a survey of Pleistocene human-animal situations. International Workshop on “The Situationality of Animal-Human Relations: Perspectives from Anthropology and Philosophy”, 9th - 10th February 2017, a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities & Competence Area IV “Cultures and Societies in Transition”, Cologne, Germany.

Hussain, S.T., Archaeology’s place in “post-anthropology” academia. Faculty of Archaeology LUNCH TALKS, 6th February 2017, Leiden University, The Netherlands.


Hussain, S.T., Risking a glimpse into Pandora's Box: towards a comparative history and epistemology of French and Anglo-Saxon styles of lithic analysis in Old World palaeolithic archaeology. Dialoge zur Pleistozänen Archäologie (DiPA), 25th November 2016, Monrepos – Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution, Neuwied, Germany.

Hussain, S.T., Die Welt der Steine. Moderne Steinartefaktanalyse im Paläolithikum der Alten Welt zwischen französischen und anglo-amerikanischen Forschungstraditionen. Pal.DoT: Erstes Paläolitharchäologisches Doktorandentreffen 28th – 30th October 2016, Erlangen, Germany.

Hussain, S.T., Gazing at owls? The role of human-strigiform interfaces in the Gravettian of East-Central Europe. 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), 31st August – 4th September 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania (Student award winning paper).

Neugebauer-Maresch, C., Einwögerer, T., Richter, J., Hussain, S.T., Maier, A., Grubgraben revisited - Preliminary results of recent excavations and typo-technological analyses of the lithic artefacts. 58th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society, 29th March – 2nd April 2016, Budapest, Hungary.


Hussain, S.T., Between opposing idioms: epistemological issues in the interpretation of lithic raw material management in palaeolithic archaeology. 21th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), 2nd– 5th September 2015, Glasgow, Scotland.

Floss, H., Hussain, S.T., Substantiating the saltationist view of Aurignacian emergence in Central and Western Europe: a reassessment of qualitative and quantitative arguments. 57th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society, 7th – 11th April 2015, Heidenheim, Germany.


Hussain, S.T., Von der Fernerkundung zur Geoarchäologie: Auf der Suche nach einem Fingerabdruck paläolithischer Fundstellen und deren Sedimentkontext in der Petraregion Jordaniens. 8. Deutscher Archäologiekongress, 6th – 11th October 2014, Berlin, Germany.

Hussain, S.T., Maier, A., Path dependence: explaining higher order phenomena in the Lower to Upper Palaeolithic record of Western Europe. The Connceted Past, 8th – 9th September 2014, London, UK.

Hussain, S.T., Löhrer, R., Lehmkuhl, F., Schyle, D., Bertrams, M., Wolter, T., Richter, J., Locating and identifying Pleistocene sediment remnants within arid wadi landscapes: iron oxide mapping as geoarchaeological survey method. 56th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society, 22nd – 26th April 2014, Brunswick, Germany.


Hussain, S.T., Rivers, mountains and plains: why humans conceptualise their space in relation to prominent landscape features. A case study from the Eurasian Palaeolithic. Workshop “PräGes meets K.N.S.A.: ongoing research from Cologne and Rzeszów”, 8th June 2013, Cologne, Germany.

Hussain, S.T., On the pitfalls of evidencing cultural continuity on technological grounds: the case of the early and late Ahmarian. 55th Annual Meeting of the Hugo Obermaier Society, 2nd – 6th April 2013, Vienna, Austria.

Hussain, S.T., Das Marks'sche Konzept der „Levantine Leptolithic Lineage“ – Eine Kritik des Interpretationsmodells auf der Basis der Ahmarien-Inventare aus dem Wadi Sabra, Jordanien. Grüner Tisch der PräGes, Cologne, Germany.


Hussain, S.T., Homo empathicus: the catalytic role of empathy in hominisation. 7th December 2012, Leiden University.

Hussain, S.T., Floss, H., Streams as entanglement of nature and culture. The role of main river courses as axes of orientation in the Upper Palaeolithic: examples from the Rhine, Rhône and Danube. Colloque international de la commission 8 (Paléolithique supérieur) de l'UISPP, 28th – 31th Mai 2012, Liège, Belgium.

Hussain, S.T., Homo empathicus – Auf dem Weg zu einer Evolutionären Anthropology der Empathie. Grüner Tisch der PräGes, Cologne, Germany.